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Thread: Wrong Song Lyrics

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    what songs have you heard and completely mistaken the lyrics


    Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock n Roll

    i thought:
    "hot dog, don't go far, i want a cookie"

    actual lyric:
    "hot dog, jumping frog, albaquerque"

    and here's another

    Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

    i thought he was sayin:
    "I wanna be a door!"

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    hot dog, don't go far, i want a cookie makes more sense tho'

    Shania Twain is a nymphomaniac racist, if you listen closely:-

    "I can't believe you kiss your c*ck at night"
    - I can't believe you kiss your car goodnight

    "Black Guys, I don't need 'em"
    - Black Eyes, I don't need 'em

    And what is Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer about?

    "I won't pee in the river"
    - I've been feeding the rhythm

    Not forgetting Elvis costello's attempt at writing the soundtrack for The Evil Dead
    "All of the zombies are on their way"
    - Oliver's Army are on their way

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    you know when you read lyrics on the internet they are not necessarily correct either. i read lyrics to songs all the time, and sometimes they get stuff so wrong its funny! unless theyre written in the cd cover or something, they are just another listener's interpretation.

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    just go here for all your misheard lyric shenanigans

    Am I Right?

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    lol i like this one

    Now the light's out.
    Print the pages.
    And we don't know, entertain us
    I'm with stupid and contagious
    And we don't know, entertain us

    corrected lyrics
    With the lights out,
    its less dangerous
    Here we are now,entertain us.
    I feel stupid and contagious.
    Here we are now. Entertain us


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