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    i need a software copy of "Visual C#".....its damn urgent for me
    if u dont have one, please ask someone u know ... plzzzzzz

    previously, "i need Visual Studio .NET's 7 files, but they didnt worked for me", so please look around and lemme know about "Visual C#" or "C#".

    thanks to u all

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    I have visual studio 6, I just downloaded yesterday and it works fine, I have a cable connection and static ip so if you would like to download it from me then just send me a private pm, and Ill give you the address of my ftp server.

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    I have visual studio 2003 corporate architect, got it off an ftp but the account dont work now

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    Shn - I just noticed this post - saying you got Visual Studio 6 and it works fine.

    What size was the download. And are you running XP - I was wondering if there was any VS6 - XP conflicts??

    I've tried three downloads - all had errors - I got them to unpack using winrar. And I tried an install - just to see what would happen. One of my downloads just kept dialing into the internet whenever I booted up. The second download (different size) - installed but whenever I went to log off explorer.exe froze and I had to do an 'end program now' before it would log me off. I combined the two progr's as each had different 'corrupted files' - but that didn't work either.

    I've spent days - installing - trying new approaches to the problem - uninstalling - system restore's . . . I'm going off the deep end

    So if you could let me know what the size is I can look for an 'uncorrupted' copy (assuming it isn't an XP compatability issue???)




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