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Thread: Random BSODs?

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    In the last day or so, I've gotten BSODs. Twice when leaving my system idle with bittorrent open, and a few times trying to burn a high-data DVD (the same file)

    As the BSOD comes up, all I can make out is "Memory Mangement" before I get a reboot.

    I also get lock-ups ocassionally, where the process light on my tower will stop flickering and remain still until I hit the three-finger salute a couple of times. This snaps the system out of it's lock-up and opens the process manager where nothing seems out of place.

    Before the problems started, AVG Email scanner reported that a connection from the UK was trying to connect...Freaked me out, so I restarted my system. However, I've left my system running through the night with Bitlord open to finish a download, the next day I'd find that either Bitlord had shut down, or the system had crashed and restarted...I'm going to need to burn DVDs to meet a deadline by the end of the week, so I seriously hope this problem doesn't persist. Any suggestions?

    In process manager, Explorer.exe is listed as having a memory usage of 67mb. Seems a bit high.

    I've taken "Auto Restart" off, so next time I get the BSOD, I'll be able to transscribe the error message.

    Sorry, can a mod please move this to Software or Hardware

    I ran a Microsoft Memory Diagnostic with 7 passes and there was no error, the Explorer.exe memory usage on startup seems to be 28mb and stays like that.

    No further BSOD's yet, but still problems. Burning a DVD in Nero, things are fine up until 50% and then the program just exits. Nero is still open, but the actual burning window just closes and the DVD is stuck in the drive until I reboot and eject it.

    This is getting really annoying
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