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    I downloaded GTA-VC off of IRC-Ork, but they are in TAR format, which ive never used before . I tried extracting the files with winRAR and it worked except i now cant mount them or do anything with them except look at them. Does someone know a way to convert these files ive extracted or possibly the .TAR files themselves to .BIN or .ISO so DAEMON tools could read it??

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    What extension have the extracted files?

    edit: .tar files are similar to .zip or .rar but they come form Linux or Unix

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    if they have number extensions like .001 or watever, it is resumable i think so u need to put it back together...if u have winrar software, in the windows double click any of the files with the number extention...i only did this once with rise of nations(accualy only a few hours ago) and then in the windows something should appear, a folder with a/some file(s) in it ir just the file(s)...then for example if there is a .bin and a .cue file, the cue file u just extract where ever you want to and the bin u double click and it and it should find all the files itself and put everything back together...i do not thikn vice city has cue or bin files because i didnt download it can be iso or watever...just an exaple...hope it works for you


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