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Thread: A/v Problem, Question?

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    Hi, I'd like to ask a question maybe some of you veterans can help me w/ this, all my movie/movie files work excellent, except 1, which I really like. The problem is, the audio and video are not on track w each other (for instance it will show a different person on the video while another person was speaking) so the audio is not played at the proper time and it kills the whole video and is confusing. I have all the nimo plugins and all..does anyone have an idea as to how to fix this?
    thanks so much

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    Don't fastfoward the movie, see if it works. I had the same problem sometimes, all I did was restart the movie, and don't fastfoward; it might only works for some movie files, I am not sure.

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    Some codecs will work better than others. You may want to uninstall the nimo codec pack and get the K-lite codec pack available here.
    Also, some media players work better than others. I've used the Windows media player, Zoomplayer and the Divx player at various times.


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