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    Hey guys,can you solve this one,I have a copy of Winxp pro,but it wont
    install,after it turns off the starts but when it starts installing windows'
    I see the windows trademark on a black screen for a few seconds and then
    it goes blank and no activity on the harddrive.I also got this message
    "setup info.file d:\1386dosnet.inf is invalid".

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    It may be the case that you'll have to flash your motherboard bios. Check out the manufacturers website. I had the same thing when upgrading from 98.

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    Hi i had this problem when trying to install xp pro (the borrowed version )when you try to install it,it gives the option to go online to download the latest upgrade as i didnt want to connect to ms i said no and the thing wouldnt load.soooo on the 3rd attempt i threw caution to the wind and said yes,after which it loaded fine .hope this helps

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    also while you're there get xp drivers for you mainboard and also soung and graphics cards as some games wont work unless you have the very latest xp drivers so upgrade regurlarly as they incorporate fixes for games regurlarly


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