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Thread: Ok I Just Dled Finding Nemo Of Bittorent...

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    how do i play the damn thing!? lol

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    well wanna give us some info.....file type...Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

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    i got the svcd bittorent ftf version . when i open up the file, its all these little files that look like stacked books. i juss cant play it

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    anyone?? i really wanna watch it

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    well extract it the program u need is iso buster after u get it go to file then open image file then find the file and then extract it to mpeg and then try watchin it it shud work o and can u plz share it on kazaa thx

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    what did u just say?>^^ lol

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    A question i was about to do you watch and burn it,,,itrs in a rar format i believe...I just got used to dealing with bin something new....uhhh..... been using nero to burn by the way

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    Same question Here.

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    First of all make sure the file extention is .rar.

    When u open the file look @ the top of the window if you see a button that says extract look click it and browser should appear so you can select a directory to save the extracted file.

    If you don't see this you need to dl winrar.


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