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Thread: Musicmatch 8.0

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    I used to have a serial number for 8.0 but musicmatch must have caught it... im back to the basic now. Does anyone have a working keygen or a patch that will work for the 8.0??I havent been able to find 1 and i have tried a lot....

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    You need Zone Alarm. the exact same thing happened to me with Musicmatch.

    I upgraded to the pro version. and Zone Alarm kept telling me Musicmatch was trying to access the internet. i always said no. then one day allowed it to access the internet.

    Right after they sent me a message saying my serial number was illegal and they demoted my pro version back to basic....they spy on you through your internet access

    But you can keep them from knowing it if you just dont let Musicmatch access the internet.

    If you use it for the radio then you have to let it access. but if you only use the other features , its not necessary for it to access the internet


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