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Thread: Need an Invitation to the Blackcats

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    Hi I hopping someone invite my to the Blackcats. Thank you

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    pm your mail please

    so i can invite you ...
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    I got the invitation from Cocowawa. But when I try to register. and log in I could not find my user name or password. When I try to reset my password the Blackcats system could not find my email address. Could anybody help me. Thank you

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    Did you receive any confirmation mail on your email address?
    Click here if you want to join TTC

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    As I remember when I register I give me an error the I could not log in automatically because the cookie was blocking. I try to log in again with fire fox but I can not log in. I try to log in from the email link a few that when the link dead. Could some one give me a new invitation I please.


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