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Thread: Italian Job (logistic) Release

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    I saw The.Italian.Job.(loGisTic).DivX.TS.DaDuck_ts on today and was wondering if it's any good. Anyone download it? ... well if you want to ....

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    Seen it but dont want to watch it as im a big fan of the michael cane


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    i have it havent watched it cept 5 mins its not too bad by the looks of things but guess i wil soon find out

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    There is a three part Italian job on Kazaa too...

    I previewed it for a while and the quality is like most of
    the other releases....

    Files sizes:part 1: 98120 kb
    part 2: 97856 kb
    part 3: 87296 kb

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    I heard something about a (nox) release that was supposed to be pretty good, but I haven't seen it anywhere. Anyone know how decent this is?


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