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Thread: Maya 4.5 Keygen

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    I need a Maya 4.5 KeyGen or a serial number. Someone help.

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    If you d/led Maya via Kazaa, then you should already have the crack for it.

    Unfortunately, Maya is a smart f*** - The licence key needed isn't based on user information (e.g. name), but insteadl is relative to the Ethernet address (unique like IPs) of your PC - Which means that you'd have to use the address to generate a licence file and then use that.

    Have another look on Kazaa for the crack, but look out for those that say "MUCH BETTER INSTRUCTIONS" - They'll have much user-friendly instructions than one of the versions on Kazaa have.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sounds like on tough cookie to crack...But i've seen alot of those cracks for it on Kazaa. Have fun searching. its not really very hard to find it.

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    this maya is piss, there is instructions in it on how to do it, i needed help but now looking back on it it is as easy to crack winzip.


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