Hello, Bookworld!

This is just a gentle reminder that under the rules of the forum, direct links to copyrighted materials are not allowed to be posted.

Rule 10
Posting of direct download links to copyrighted material such as private ftp sites, serial numbers, warez sites and torrentlinks are prohibited. Posts directly or indirectly containing this information will be edited. Sig2dat quicklinks and hashes are NOT considered to be downloadable and will be allowed. Don't ask for torrents, cracks, serials or keygens to be posted, you are asking someone else to break this rule. Hacking/Cracking discussions are not allowed.
I have cleaned up all the threads that I think may have broken this rule, and moved them to the Trashcan.

If anyone thinks that a download which was not subject to copyright was removed by accident, please let me know and I will restore it.

Thanks to all for your continuing contribution to the forum.