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Thread: unable to connect to usenetserver. 119

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    can anyone gve me some advice to sort this problem out.i have checked my username and is happening three or four times a day

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    could be that your ISP is throttling the 119 port. this means that the ISP in effect slows it right down or even shuts it off completly so you are unable todownload, sometimes this is onlt affected during peak hours.

    you could try and change the port, check with your usenet provider which ones they offer (usually 443 is one of them)

    also if it is down to port throttling having a account with ssl encryption (e.g. giganews) will allow you to bypass this.

    hope this helps

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    wrong username

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    Yeah, i haven't heard of any ISP limiting port 119 - so that should not have been it. The wrong username though, that sounds more like it to me.

    If you ISP DOES decide to some day throttle down that port, ALL usenet providers are required to accept in and out-bound traffic on port 80. So use that one if you have any future conflicts.
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