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Thread: I need oink ...... bitmetv

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    Mar 2007
    i need invite to these sites

    two ratio proofs

    i any one can give me or tell me what wanted ....

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    i need ftn sct uk* frabbit exigo
    i show you ratio from tl and td.
    please dont post like these.
    and your ratios are bad.

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    This thread made me lawl.

    Those are 4 relatively hard to get sites, which most people won't give away for free, let alone in the manner you're asking.

    Troll the forums a bit and see how things work, I've only been around a little while myself but I've been lucky enough to get invites to almost every site I needed, several of them free.

    Look for giveaways and work on your ratio for sites you already have.


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