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Thread: .mkv plays really slow w/ Klite Mega pack

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    I'm trying to watch some anime that are .mkv format, but I have a problem. If I try and play it with VideoLAN, the video and sound plays fine, but I can't see the subtitles (though this is something wrong with VLan from what i've read). So then I try and play it in other players like WMP and Media Player Classic, but it plays incredibly slow. Literally it's all slow-mo and completely unwatchable.

    Anyone know what's up?

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    x264 via MKV uses more CPU than xvid, so if you got a low end spec pc or some hungary cpu programs then this could cause this.

    If you have some programs close them and now try.

    But, you say they play ok in VLC before.. try updating VLC ?

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    yes, x264 takes up a lot of resources. I'm using Kmplayer with high priority and it works fine.
    Another solution would be using coreavc , supposed to be "the fastest"

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    yeah, coreavc is good and the best part is you can use it together with KMPlayer


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