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Thread: Serendipity

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    The phenomenon of pleasant things occurring by chance.

    Here's one...
    On my fifteenth birthday, many moons ago it must be said, I was walking home from school with my friend. We passed a post office and by chance I happened to spy a letter which had accidently become lodged in a postbox. Being 15 and a bit of a brat, I promptly retrieved the letter. I understand my morality is at issue here but I've had 15 years to deal with it lol.
    Further down the road, I opened the letter. It was a birthday card. It said Happy Birthday Chalice (obviously it was my real name. It had a five pound note in it. I was drunk that night I can tell ya.

    Anyone had similar experiences?

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    once i found a fiver (5 english pounds&#33on my birthday, but it actually blew in the wind literally to my feet...

    also a pleasant occurance by chance was meeting my gf in a chat room on the internet that i had never gone to before, and chose to go to that day, for no particular reason. what resulted from that pleasant occurence.....well, many things resulted

    the main one being it gives me the chance to get away from a place i hate living in, so its the best thing that has happened by chance to me.


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