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Thread: A Leecher For Kazaalite

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    Neo uses a brute-force method to find Kazaa hosts. Given a user-defined IP address range, Neo will scan that portion of the Internet, looking for computers that respond on Kazaa's port. These IP ranges can become very large, and therefore take a considerable amount of time to scan. A range of 65,025 computer, such as 128.211.xx.xx currently takes about an hour or two. When a Kazaa host is found, Neo gets a list of all the shared files and their filesizes. Neo then writes this information to disk, and it is the content that Neo actually searches through. It is neccessary to scan and index hosts before you can search and download files with Neo.
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    This is one dodgy program, running port scans to find kazaa hosts is very annoying indeed and might get your ISP account terminated if you are caught/reported doing it like logs from firewalls.

    What really worrying is they keep a huge master list of found kazza host ip's on a central server to leech off of, which could be used for who knows what.

    Hmm there not too original either, wonder where they got the name Neo from hmmmmmm


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