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Thread: Can't Play Vcd File

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    I dragged it (the matrix mpeg file) to Windows Media Player and it just says connecting and never actually loads it.
    Playing VCDs worked before, but now it seems to have stopped working.
    Any ideas?

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    You might need a updated codec, get the nimo codec pack v5 build 8

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    Ok first of all are you using the last version of media player for the type of Windows you have?
    Try using the 3 codecs:
    XVid Codec
    Kazaa Codec Pack
    Nimo Codec Pack (I found this one to cause some files to look jittery but it can open lots of files.)

    Make sure you have all the latest divx codecs.

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    I'll give them a go. It works fine with Videolan, so I'm bit confused why it shouldnt work.

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    I think itīs a SVCD and not a VCD,you can open a SVCD when you have a mpeg-2 codec or a mpeg-2 player.

    SVCD (mpeg-2) codec
    Mpeg-2 player

    But you can find Ligos on K-Lite Codec Pack which also can play mpeg-2 movies.


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