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Thread: ~6 day full access to seedbox for an invite

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    Yep. My Leeware subscription ends @ May 4th. I'm not planning on continuing the service. Therefore, when I cancel my PayPal subscription to leeware on May 3rd 23:30 (GMT +2), the account will be disabled then.
    Until then, you will have full access to the box. I'll give you root access and if you want to do so, you can change the passwd.

    The server has vncserver, wine, utorrent, webui and vsftpd installed and configured.

    I myself have gotten pretty good speeds on it. Downloads have been to 3MB/s max and uploads to ~2,5MB/s. Generally you won't get such high speeds though. Everything depends on the seeder/leecher ratio on the torrent. But you can expect 500-1500kB/s speeds overall.

    You need to have some basic knowledge of the system (Fedora Core 6 is the OS) because I'm not going to be your personal help desk.

    I'm interested in following invites: BitMeTV, FB, SCT, FTN. Even though I fully realize that the latter two or three are just my wishful thinking...

    But you want to be fast. I will make my decision on who gets the box @ 20.00 Finnish time, which is 3 hours from the time of posting this thread ( )

    Below are some stats of my daily bandwidth usage:
    66 GB 25/Apr/2007
    81 GB 24/Apr/2007
    62 GB 23/Apr/2007
    57 GB 22/Apr/2007
    56 GB 21/Apr/2007
    39 GB 20/Apr/2007
    37 GB

    You can either make your offer here to this thread or PM me.

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    isn't there a limit of 1000GB a month?
    if you used 50GB in average everyday then in 20 days you will have no bandwidth left!

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    No, there is no hard limit except that you shouldn't exceed 15mbps sustained. Expected usage is 1-2TB per month.

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    what's the space on the seedbox?

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    Thanks for the heartwarming interest. I got a lot of pms.

    If you didn't receive a reply, I didn't pick you. I apologize.

    Thanks and have a nice day.


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