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Thread: Installation Problems.

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    yeah it looks like ur missing that file

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    it doesn't make sense that i'm missing a startman msi file when i've never had startman on my computer.

    If i have to have that file, where do i get it?

    How do i get it for other programs that have done the same thing like psp.

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    Something may have corrupted either your Windows Installer or your Temp folder. This can happen if you get a worm, like Hantaner for example. It locks up the .exe files in your KLite download folder and any other apps it can find from your internet downloads folder.

    It may not be this - so don't panic ! But it is probably worth running an AV scan just in case

    If it isn't that, try emptying out all the garbage temp files, that can sometimes help.

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    Try a terminal services mode install. Copy all the files from the CD or archive to a new desktop folder. Make sure you change the old folder and the new folder options to "show all" and make sure none of the files are "hidden or read only".
    Go into add/remove programs in control panel. Click on add new programs. Choose CD/floppy and browse to the desktop folder with your install package in it. You may have to change the file type window at the bottom of the browser to the type of file you're installing, ie: application, setup, etc. Click ok or next to start the install. This should work now.

    I think this is the result of a microsoft patch, it's been buggering up a lot of CD installs, especially Office XP. It seems to happen more with programs that are burned to CD too quickly or that have been copied too many times.

    You should change your temp folder as well. There's a few programs that can do that for you. Use something like c:\unzipped or c:\downloads\temp. The one you're using does some strange things to your unzipped programs and temp files.(like renaming the file as shown in the image you posted)
    X-Teq setup is one program that can change that for you.


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