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Thread: Best Os For Home Networking?

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    I am trying to create a home network with my W2K laptop and my W98 desktop. The W98 has been difficult to configure for the network (W2K sees W98, but W98 will not share; W98 does not see W2K). I am considering replacing W98 with WinXP, which I hear is more network-friendly. My question is: should I go with Home or Pro?

    Also, how the heck do I replace an entire OS??? What are the steps to follow? I am thinking I should first back up files, then reformat the HD, then install XP. Any suggestions?

    BTW, the W98 box is a 1999 Compaq Presario 5441, AMD K-6, 312 MB RAM. it is darn slow, not sure why...?

    Thanks in advance! B)

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    I would do a clean instlall of Xp

    I would rather use Pro bacause HOME u may have difficulty with activation if u change hardware really thats the only difference between them

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    Pro Corp. no need for activation+more tools for networking

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    Go with xp pro or windows 2000. The reason your pc with 2000 can see the one with 98 is because the file system ntfs can read the fat file system of 98. But fat can't reconize ntfs. If you put a 98 boot disk in windows 2000 it won't see a drive. It will give you a message telling you it can't. Also if you do an upgrade make sure to convert the drive to ntfs. If you go with xp it will give you that option when installing.

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    Use XP RPO and my sons PC has XP home, both are easy to set up with 2 wireless network cards. XP has easy to use network software built in. Makes no odds which you use!!!!!!!!
    If use one with modem as master, use Norton firewall 2003 and it will even set up firewall to run for both machines.
    You are right to refomat drive but make sure you have bios set to run CD drive to enable XP install.
    Hope this is of some help, it worked for me. all programs downloadable for Kaz.

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    now i would say 2000, only because our school uses it, it works good.


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