I am trying to install sitebuilder (cool thing from another user post), and I am having difficulties. I've shown the readme at the end of the post.

I have a simple question really, I follow the steps pretty well.

The facts... I am using a shared hosting solution.
meaning my site is at http://hostingco.com/MYSITE

When I login to FTP my home directory just says: /
My public web stuff is at this directory: /public_html/

(The steps I mention next refer to the attached readme)

So for step 1, I upload the sitebuilder to: /public_html/sitebuilder
Step 2 I upload users to : /public_html/users
Step 3 I make the correct file permissions.
Step 4, I do the manual option... when I open config.php I see stuff like:

$userdb = "/home/yourserverhere/www/www/sitebuilder/sitebuilderuser.db";
$userdir = "/home/yourserverhere/www/www/sites";
$homedir = "/home/yourserverhere/www/www/sitebuilder";
$webroot = "http://www.yourserverhere.com/sitebuilder";
$userurl = "http://www.yourserverhere.com/sites";
$usercontent = "/home/yourserverhere/www/www/sitebuilder/usercontent";
$contenturl = "http://www.yourserverhere.com/sitebuilder/usercontent";

I understand that I can change, for example, $webroot to "http://hostingco.com/MYSITE/sitebulider" because it automatically goes into the public-html folder.. but I don't know what to put for $homedir for example.

do I put "/public-html/sitebuilder/" ?

Thats what I assumed but I don't think I'm doing it right, because the site isn't working. I try to go to admin.php and enter the password I put in config.php but its not taking it.... I dunno what the problem is but maybe I didnt know how put those %homedir variables correct.

Step 1
Upload the /sitebuilder/ folder and it's contents to your server.

Step 2
Upload the /users/ folder to your server or create a users directory where you want the web sites located (ex: yoursite.com/sites)

Step 3
Set the permissions on the following folders and files to read/write all, 777:

CHMOD 777 - /sitebuilder/config.php
CHMOD 777 - /sitebuilder/sitebuilder.php
CHMOD 777 - /sitebuilder/usercontent/
CHMOD 777 - /users/ (or whatever folder you use for the users sites)
CHMOD 777 - sitebuilderuser.db (only if you are using the Flat-File db option)

FOR SECURITY REASONS YOU MUST PLACE THE sitebuilderuser.db ABOVE your root directory!

Step 4
Run the file: /sitebuilder/install.php

Or to install manually, edit the /sitebuilder/config.php file and create the database table by using the sitebuilder.sql file.