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Thread: looking for scn invit

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    opps against rules sorry hopefully my friend will invite me Thx for the heads up
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    SCN Giveaways


    Originally Posted by 007
    Msg From Agent47, SCN's sysop

    Have already talked to Staff at FST, and there will be no trading of invites or accounts allowed. Have some patience and if your a good torrent user, you'll have it soon enough.


    Theres a modification installed, it automatically reports to staff if their is a change in password, email add (which is already locked) and ip address. So if you are only getting SCN to trade, i suggest you not even get it, because i will post all your stats to staff, remember what happened to the kid who got screwed over by oink... you want that to be you?


    its a no no

    SCN invites ARE NOT to be given away on FST or traded. Those that do will be disabled. It is in the best interest of SCN that you comply with this rule, as it will help us create a good community with good members, not traders. Please look for friends or good users on good trackers, such as FTN, ScT, etc.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this topic has been discussed all day.


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