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Thread: Slot 1: Dual Vs. Single

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    Im a mac user, but i love my games,
    so i use my pc for that only reason.
    I currently have a gateway e-4200, and i have a case for a gateway essential model 500c or 600c maybe, but thats not really important.

    Im looking to "upgrade" my mobo to a dual slot 1, the more ram slots the better because i have a BUNCH of extra p3's and p2's, and LOADS of extra pc100 and 133 and even some really old pc66. (anyone by chance selling such a mobo on ebay??) anyway,
    I figure i really should ask this before i buy a motherboard...
    So, if i upgrade from a single p3 600, 384mb pc100, to, lets say a dual 800,
    how much of an increase would i be looking at?
    Does the dual slot one essentially do the same thing as a dual PowerMac 800? sorry for another mac reference.

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    Whoa.. First of all. What games do you even play?

    Second of all, if you love games, I'd like to know what games entertain you with the hardware you have.

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    yeah, mostly the games i play are old
    i play all the law and order games,
    which actually that game ran great on my old p3 500 with windows 98,
    im not a heavy gamer at all,
    i play the sims deluxe for hours on end,
    and that too ran great on an old p3 500,

    if i played demanding games,
    i would for sure upgrade my hardware,
    other than sims and law and order i mostly play downloaded internet games

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    Ok so what do you mean by dual slots? like dual slots for processors or 2 RAM slots?

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    Slot 1 is the processor slot.

    You also haven't said what OS you intend to use. If it is any of the Microsoft OS's before Windows 2000 then the second processor won't even be activated.

    Assuming you are intending to load Win2K or XP then the second processor will be activated (note, a fresh install is required) but since the software you are intending to run was not designed for multiple processors it is unlikely that you will see much benefit.

    Any concurrent OS tasks could run on the second processor, but that will hardly be noticeable. The only other benefit will be from the increase in speed from 600MHz to 800MHz.
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