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Thread: What happened to Pedro's

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    Anyone know what happened to pedro's music tracker?

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    What happened to it? The site is opening for me.
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    Strange. It's been timing out for the last few days for me & its the only site I'm having trouble with. Anyway, thanks for the reply & I'm glad pedro's OK.

    Well, I can access the site via IE7 but not firefox. Anyone else having this problem? I've tried uninstalling Adblock & NoScript extensions, but no luck. Any other suggestions?
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    It works with firefox .I have the version perhaps it didn't work with version 1 i dont know .But it is still working.

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    works with version here

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    Quick update. It turns out peer guardian 2 was filtering HTTP and this was causing some sites to fail with firefox but not ie7.


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    Its ok for me with IE.

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    maybe u r banned ?

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    It is working with Opera


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