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Thread: Worm/kwbot Virus

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    i downloaded an .exe file NERO burning ROM crack, from user f_m@lazarus
    my puter picked it up as a virus called "worm/Kwbot"

    that is a full discription of this virus. I am makeing this post to see what others have to say about this, and allso, do i report this as abuse somewhere, or chances are this user doesn't know what they have?
    i sent message to user earlier today and havne't gotten a response yet.
    what do you think?

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    there's not really any way to report the abuse, who would you report it too?
    And chances are you're right, the user doesn't even realize he has an infected file. Many times people will wait a LONG time before checking or using a file they downloaded so this is probably the case.
    The safest thing you can do is have virus protection enabled in the background ( norton and mcaffee both have this feature)

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    I just posted Quickbooks Pro 2002 + key in Softwareworld. I normally don't bother but this one had a ton of sources and it seems to be a fullblown trojan.

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    watch out for DIABLO on kazaa

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    Originally posted by scaff29@kazaA@5 June 2003 - 18:36
    watch out for DIABLO on kazaa
    Yeh and that user called www.k-lite.tk_improved_kazaa@kazaa he's a right arse!


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