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Thread: Need AOM

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    Need AOM a free giveaway would be nice...but anyway

    just post what u want
    Do you want to be in or locked out forever? (By Jacqueline at April 28, 1:46 am)
    9 days to go......

    So the site is settling down finally and almost all of the bugs have been fixed. In fact many members have even had their old ratio's fixed. (If your old ratio is not credited yet, please use the contact staff option.)
    Our growing membership means that we now have more torrents than ever before. But with new members also comes the bad. It’s time to clear out the members who don't contribute to us all.

    Any innactive accounts, or those with low ratio's will be deleted.

    The scheduled clean up date is May 7th. If your account is banned then there is no coming back. If you need help on getting your ratio up, there is a guide on the forums. If you are concerned about your account being deleted and you are unable to upload, you can always donate for extra ratio. (1 gig for every dollar).

    The choice is yours... Do you want to stay... or......................
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    see dont waste ur account............. give it to a needy

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    aom fresh for kg or torrentbits


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