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Thread: Crop a movie

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    I have a video of a person dancing and i want to crop the outer edges, because i don't want to see the other ones dancing lol.
    Can you tell me a program that does that?

    I tried Videocharge, it's great but the trial has ended...
    Power Director makes a zoom but gives an error...
    Virtualdub also doesn't work

    It's that hard to make a simple crop


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    I use Virtual dub and have no problems as long as you follow the rules for divx (width must be a multiple of 4 and hieght a multiple of 2). that means if the file is already divx compliant the crop numbers from the top and bottom combined must be divisible by 2 (hieght) and the combined digits of the side crops must be divisible by 4 (width). Its actually whats left after the crop that must be compliant but if the original is compliant and you follow the rules for the removal numbers the left over numbers will comply as well.

    V Dub actually has two places to crop so the first cropping you should do is under the frames section of the Video tab select "Null Transform" and after leaving the filters page it will be listed and cropping will be available to you. Move the slider to a common spot where you can see what you want to crop, follow the 2 and 4 rules and move the sides and top/bottom. Mark down your numbers because you need to use full processing to crop a video and you will need to enter the divx configurator and on the last tab enter the same crop figures as in the null transform crop.

    Now try it and see what happens.

    If your still getting errors use Gspot to see what the original framing is and if it follows the divx rules. You might have to do some math to get it to work if the original is not divx compatible. 640x480 fits the rules not 382x277

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    Thanx mate. I just found out why Virtualdub didn't work earlier...

    I selected Fast or Normal Re-compress and that way, the movie continued intact. I select now Full Processing and it works!!!

    Thank you

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    You can use Adobe Premiere 2.0 (earlier versions also).

    Throw your video into the time line, open video effects and choose Transform -> Clip

    Then you can clip the movie horizontally or vertically to cut off whatever you want. Then re-export it as whatever you want.
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