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Thread: Ultraleecher

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    I have used ultraleecher for 6 months. I like most of the features and I purchased the program. The only problem is that it is full of bugs and a new update for it comes out every week. That said I have had problems with it since a couple of updates ago and they have given me little to no support. I have sent 6 messages to there support center and only 2 have been answered. They are short and almost sarcastic answers. I will no longer use this product. In order to use the help forum you must sign up, I have tried to sign up twice, both times I get an email telling me that I will receive an email from the Mods in a couple minutes to allow me to log in, both times that email never came. So this is a warning to others out there, save you money because Ultraleecher does not care about you.

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    Why would you pay for a newsreader in the first place..? When Altbinz and grabit do the same basic jobs.

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    The auto extract feature is why I would pay for it. Plus when I tried grab it, it was full of bugs also.

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    dude just buy newsleecher, that program is godsend

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    I am using the trial version of newsleecher. It seems to work so far, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by upGrayde View Post
    dude just buy newsleecher, that program is godsend
    seconded (together with Newzbin, it's great)- why anyone can be arsed with alt.binz just to save a couple of quid is beyond me

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    Have been using ultraleecher since it was early beta and had no problems with it at all.
    At the time it only cost me around 8 for life time upgrades which included ultrasearch.


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