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Thread: help! file is at 99% and has stopped d/l

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    im d/l the pursuit of happiness on u torrent and the tracker is bitsoup the file is at 99% and all of the sudden im getting "connection limit exceeded: you may only leech from one location at time" message under tracker status why is this happening to me?

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    u must of closed it or ur connection got dropped without the tracker being properly notified... try flushing your torrents or just leave it open and wait about a half hr itll be back to normal

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    nah.....that happens when you don't have enough seeders

    You need to just wait a while and finally the right pieces will come through. It's just that you have to have just the right pieces to finish, and no one might have them

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    try shutting down utorrent and restarting it, otherwise just wait awhile and it will resolve itself

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    sounds like either your ip changed or some one else is trying to use your passkey
    If its your ip changing, it will correct itself, as soon as the tracker realizes your 'old' ip isn't announcing anymore.
    If you think some one else is using your torrents, check your profile, see what torrents are active, you should only see ones you have open.


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