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Thread: using sct without seedbox

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    Been using sct for a couple a weeks nows and i'm having a hard time seeding stuff, even the newest release. I was one the first of many leechers on the last heroes episode so i tought i could be able to seed it easily to a 200% ratio. My up speed is 115Kb/s which isn't bad. Anyway, i couldn't see it to more than 60%.

    I'm started to wonder if this site is for me, i'm able to seed without problem on many other site.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but i think that without a seedbox, i won't enjoy much of sct...

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    The speeds are the best thing with ScT. It is one of the hardest sites to seed in my opinion though. If you don't have a seedbox or a really good connection it canbe hard to get a cushion there. I have 2mbp/s up and I get by. ScT is definatly not for everyone. You have to have a good up speed or it will be months before you actually download anything from the tracker. They have no freeleech torrents like FTN so you have to be very selective.

    I love the site and I always max my connection both directions on 1 torrent (15mbp/s down 2mbp/c up) but even with that ok connection I have to be selective at times.
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    I have 2 words for you: partial seeding.
    You have to seed a piece that suits your upload speed. If you have 100KB/s upload I would say 50MB.
    I have a seedbox and I never download a full DVDR or even XviD movie, only TV episodes and 300-400MB of a DVDR.

    If you find that annoying, then maybe SCT is not for your connection.
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    I don't download anything from ScT. I can get all the torrents from other trackers, I just upload at ScT because it's fun to have an account there

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    omg why you join the tracker if you dont attemp to use it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durkslag View Post
    I don't download anything from ScT. I can get all the torrents from other trackers, I just upload at ScT because it's fun to have an account there
    Is it possible? I tried to do this a couple of time and the files wasnt the same (sometime the number of .rar files, sometime "Sample" files that the other site didnt have) , the name was the same (e.g. Heroes xxx-LOL) but I didnt download 'cause the files inside (shows by uT.) was not exactly the same.

    Is there an particular site (like TL?) wich I can do this?


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    sharefile4 even if its not 100% the same u could still listed as a leecher but upload it to other people..
    my connection is really bad but somehow i have around 35 gb buffer on sct, the only bad thing i can say is their pretimes which arent the best to say the least

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    sharefile4, most of the times the only files that will be different will be sample, sfv, or nfo so u can just select not to download them and u will be seeding the other files, as simple as that

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalamo View Post
    omg why you join the tracker if you dont attemp to use it .
    Because my maximum upload is only ~75 kb/s but soon I'll get my 100/100 full duplex at home and then I can start to use ScT "for real".
    IMO I think you'll only need ScT if you got 10/10 or faster and want pretty good pre times, otherwise TL, TB, FL etc will work just as fine. Otherwise it gives you a certain cachet if all your friends are 13 years old and spend all of their spare time in front of the computer, filesharing.

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    If you go out of your way to just partially dl new releases and up them, you should easily get a decent buffer without too much trouble.

    But even if you don't want to do that, as long as you dl the stuff the same day it comes out, and leave it seeding for a few days you should be able to maintain at least .75 or so, and no one will bother you about it.

    Then a free leech will come around and all the leechers there come out of the woodwork, and you should get plenty of buffer to last you a while. I honestly think people exaggerate the difficulty of seeding on this tracker. Compared to oink, it's a breeze.

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