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Thread: 7 mai 1986 Sevilla Czone Celebration

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    7th of May 1986, stadium "Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan" in Seville, FC Barcelona- STEAUA Bucharest in the European Champions Cup final.
    70000 fanatics of the richest club in the world at that time were ready for a fiesta. None of them were even thinking their Spanish favorites will miss the chance in front of the king of Spain, Juan Carlos and his royal family. Sincerely, not even ourselves, glued on our TV sets in Romania, were expecting for too much, let alone to win the trophy. We just wanted STEAUA to put up a decent performance and go down in glory. It was only our players and coaching staff who believed in their chance and played the game of their lives. They just confided in themselves, played and won, mere and simple. After a 0-0 in the normal time (we all thought that the scoreline might have been the same even if the game was played for the rest of the night), two halves of 15 minutes extra time followed and then the penalty shoot-out which STEAUA duly won, 2-0, goals from Balint and Lacatus.

    To celebrate early i'm giving away 5 Czone invites to anyone who:
    1) loves red&blue colors
    2) posts here a picture related to Steaua Bucharest.

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    can i have one plz?

    me love red,blue&Steaua Bucharest
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    Haha, i love red and blue! ;D

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    Forza Steaua

    Forever Anti-Dinamo

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    Great Giveaway
    I would like an invite to Czone please
    and I love red and blue colors ( red because I love arsenal and blue because I love France )
    The Football Team Steaua-Bucharest, Winner of the European Cup in 1984

    Romania's Football Team at the 1994 World Championships in the U.S.A.


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    can get one pls
    my favorite color is BULE but i love red too

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    United States

    Love Red and Blue... Goal!!!!!

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    hey man i love those colors
    and i appreciate the team, it has soul
    (here is a pic for u hehe)
    i would really appreciate a Czone invite
    let me know bro

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    can i get?

    i love barca this is the team of my life!!!!!!!1

    and like you know in Steaua Bucharest play israely player that i am fan of him...
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