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Thread: Leeware Server vsftpd help please

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    login to your server using your FTP client (sFTP method in Buggyme post) and edit the file like this
    uncomment (remove the # from the beginning of)
    save the file

    can someone put there vsftpd config file here so i can copy it i don't get it i guess i stupid or something

    i try to start vsftpd keep getting failed over and over again

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    the file is already on the server in etc/vsftpd
    you just have to remove the # from the beginning of the line
    # anonymous_enable=YES
    it should become

    and then save the file

    I should warn you though that this way anyone can browse your var/ftp/pub directory and download your files.
    This is why I only start vsftpd when I wanna download something and then I stop it when I finish.


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