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Thread: ps2 keyboard

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    The wires for my ps2 keyboard have come unsoldered, and i want to try to solder them back on, but I'm not sure how they connect. I have yellow, red, green, and white wires and the places where they were soldered are labled c d g v. do you guys know how they connect?
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    You may be out of luck with this one.

    The specification does not include any details about wiring colours. That means the manufacturers could use any colours they want.

    I wasn't sure if there was an unofficial colour coding standard so I opened up a couple of old keyboards I had lying around. They had different wiring colours, and neither had the colours you've indicated.

    The pins relating to the letters you've indicated are:
    Pin 1: data
    Pin 3: ground
    Pin 4: voltage (+5v)
    Pin 5: clock

    The only thing I can suggest is that you partially dismantle the keyboard and look at the other end of the cable. Hopefully you will see the same letters where the cable connects to the circuit board.
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    This must be a really special keyboard to go to so much trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clocker View Post
    a really special keyboard
    Heh, I knew someone would say that. I just wanted to see if i could fix it, but despite Lynx's helpfull decoding of the letters, and several attempts at soldering tiny wires onto tiny contacts without melting the nearby newly soldered contacts or burning somthing I was unable to get the shield thingy that plugs into the back of the pc back on. I'm kind of afraid of destroying my motherboard anyway.

    meh time to break somthing else.
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