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Thread: LimeWire Adds Ubuntu Support

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    The popular filesharing application LimeWire released Debian packages for Ubuntu. The latest LimeWire release is tested on Ubuntu Edgy and Kubuntu Edgy/Feisty, and both the free and pro versions are available for download.

    Up until today LimeWire was only available as an .rpm package. Unfortunately these packages didnít work on the latest Ubuntu versions without having to apply a workaround. Luckily, the LimeWire developers didnít sit still, and today they release a new version that fully supports Ubuntu.

    On the LimeWire Blog we read: ďWith several developers using Kubuntu on their development workstations we thought it was about time to officially support Ubuntu and provide packages for the growing Ubuntu user community.Ē

    LimeWire is by far the most installed filesharing application. LimeWire is installed on 18.3% of all Windows PCs according to a report from Digital Music News, runner-up eDonkey is only installed on 3.3% of PCs. The market share of LimeWire is only expected to grow now itís available to the ever growing Ubuntu community.

    The latest LimeWire Beta for Ubuntu can be found over here.

    Download Link:

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    Can't you technically run under wine?

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    Why not use frostwire instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluxd View Post
    Can't you technically run under wine?
    you probably could but whats the point it can be compiled under linux so wine isnt needed.


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