To power your hybrid car

Small soft pipes are inserted into the driver's orifice. This works best after drinking large amounts of ( Fosters) beer.

The inventor said he was watching how cows were being milked and a strange incident brought him to this brilliant idea.

The Dairy Farmer... had a cow that was full of methane. There is a profound time tested method to help cows that ( often) get in this predicament. The farmer inserts a pipe into the anus of said stricken cow. He then gets his throw-away lighter and ignites the gases that in this manner are released. Unfortunately for the farmer, the cow farted at this very same moment and an enormous flame, must have been 20 yards long, shot out of the pipe and hit the hay stored above the cows that were being milked; with that special adaptor, made of very soft rubber, (remember?) and the barn burnt down. This brought him to the idea of harnessing all this energy and using it to power the other favourite " milk cow" of the Exchequer the Car.

**It works great and now tests are being carried out to see which brew gives the best mileage. (Fosters still lead just ahead of Guinness and Colt's 6 pack is lagging at third place)