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Thread: Torrentbytes

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    I havent been able to get to TBfor a while now, can someone who is able to access the site please let me know the IP address because i seem to recall a note about their DNS changing.


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    I know the URL is, my DNS server is resolving that to which times out. Here is the nslookup output

    Non-authoritative answer:

    Can you confirm if your DNS server is giving out the same IP address for



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    To be honest I don't know a clue about DNS and I do not know where I can find out if it do give out the same IP adress for

    And I was using URL: (still doesn't work).

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    if you are using microshite, fire up a command window (start; run; cmd)

    then type "nslookup"

    this will tell you what IP address your DNS server is resolving to.



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    I can confirm that my friends who can connect to the site get the same IP as we get now.

    Oh, I found one solution. You all know the lines
    we added into the file hosts?
    If you remove those now, the page will work again.
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    works for me no problem.... its been on and off for a while now

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    Can someone please post the ip address they are accessing torrentbytes with so I can discount a DNS issue. Thanks

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    The site is working for me, you could have some form of DNS problem, try opendns and see if that works.

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    They change servers, a couple of weeks ago. Below is an extract from the message they sent out.

    "This will mean that all of you who have previously edited your hosts files, the site will eventually stop working for you once the DNS has updated for the new servers (your hosts files will be pointing to the wrong IP).

    All you will need to do is once the site stops working, remove any reference to Torrentbytes from your hosts file and sit tight until the DNS has updated fully.

    To check your hosts file you will find it located here: C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

    Just open it with notepad and if you find any reference to TB remove it and then save "

    Hope this fixes your problem


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