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Thread: Trouble Seeding with utorrent?

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    I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to the cause of this. I've done a bit of research and have utorrent set up properly. It's not a firewall problem and I've upped the number of half-open ports. All the ports are forwarded correctly


    My problem is this. I can get very high upload speeds - it's happened before where I've gone over 80 kbps. The problem is that I rarely seem to connect and be able to transfer that high. Usually the totally upload number is somewhere around 5-15 kbps. Sometimes even a fraction of that. Turning on "Superseed" also kills all connections - NOBODY can connect to me and leech what I'm seeding when it's turned on.

    Any ideas? Am I overlooking something, or is it just that the majority of my leechers have their programs set up incorrectly?

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    1. Don't use superseed.
    2. Check the SLR (Seeder Leech Ratio)

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    You could try enabling encryption and see if that helps.

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    I've set up encryption and everything. :/ What's frustrating is that when I start a new torrent, I get a queue of leechers and nobody can seem to connect, even when I leave the program seeding 24/7. They get it eventually, but it usually takes one leecher than finally connects and helps spread the files to the rest...because HE can somehow connect to the rest.

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    try to use another client or maybe your isp is limit up speed


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