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Thread: Planet Earth: as you've never seen it before

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    The programmes were made over four years by producer Alastair Fothergill and his team, who were responsible for the successful The Blue Planet (2001). The narrator, David Attenborough, worked on them while also embarking on the last in his 'Life' series, Life in Cold Blood, which is due for completion in 2008. The series' music is composed by George Fenton. Filming involved visiting 62 countries and 204 different locations.[3]

    Each of the eleven episodes (except the first) focuses on one of the Earth's natural habitats and examines its indigenous features, together with the breadth of fauna found there. Several animals and locations are shown that have hitherto never been filmed, using innovative camera technology. Previously unseen animal behaviour includes: wolves chasing caribou observed from above; snow leopards pursuing markhor in the Himalayas; grizzly bear cubs leaving their den for the first time; crab-eating macaques that swim underwater; and over a hundred sailfish hunting en masse.[4]

    By contrast with the others, the first instalment gives a general overview of the series by describing each of the environments that are looked at in more detail in later programmes. However, the method used to communicate this a 'journey' from one end of the Earth to the other serves to demonstrate the rich variation that exists on the planet as a whole.

    Some sequences, particularly in episodes 611, are notable for their potentially disturbing content. Examples include a lone elephant being brought down by lions and a polar bear unsuccessfully attacking a walrus colony and subsequently being overcome by hunger and exhaustion. Fothergill confirmed that he asked BBC presentation for an appropriate warning before transmission in such cases:
    Has anyone seen seen this show before? It hit the US and its on discovery channel. Normally I hate watching nature documentaries and what not but this show is visually amazing. Anyone had a look?
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    I've got the whole thing on DVD, and I couldn't agree more that it's awesome. I'm still seeding it on Torrentleech.

    I like the narrator on the DVD version better too. It's a British fellow who has a sense of humor.

    The FST group

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    Yea, I bought and downloaded the Planet Earth DVD and it is probably the best documentary I've seen. Five stars!

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    Anyone know eher i can Download the whole series, cant find it, and sounds pretty good, ne help?? cheers

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    I am downloading!!!!
    and I really want to see ~~~~

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    If you like this and want anymore stuff like it take a lok at its a forum based tracker thats full of documentaries of all kinds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Dan. View Post
    Anyone know eher i can Download the whole series, cant find it, and sounds pretty good, ne help?? cheers
    On hdbits there's (or should i say there was, since it's down) a torrent of the HD DVD. A massive 80 GB, but it was freelech on it.

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    I know this is a pretty old topic, but I feel that it's worth bumping. I just downloaded the first episode and ended up buying the whole series on DVD because it's just that good. The footage is absolutely stunning and it's amazing at everything they can get on tape. Anyone who's considering this, give it a shot, you won't be dissapointed.


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