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Thread: Spiderman 4 !!!..... and 5 ???

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    jonmichaelspangler : I had my Spidey 4 plot on a couple of different boards but today thought of number 5. I really want straight feedback and comments. I think both plots would make great movies although I know I will get blasted for a reconn I did on a major character for number 5.

    Spider-man 4

    **Harry Osborne is dead. Oscorp. is in ruins with knowone to run it and investors bailing. It is bought cheap and renamed FiskCorp. The Kingpin uses the Goblin formula and creates THE SCORPION to kill Spider-man who he feels is his biggest threat.

    The Kingpin bails Mac Gargan from jail, by convincing John J. that Max was wrongly sent to jail by Spider-man. JJ writes articles against Spider-man and for Mac, drumming up public support and getting him released. Mac was one of Kingpins biggest hitmen and a ruthless killer and Fisk puts him in a Scorpion suit and injects him with the Goblin formula.

    JJ will realize his mistake when Mac tears up the city and Spider-man saves the day. His acceptence of Spider-man will be a arc in the following movies.**

    After the events of Spider-man 3 Curt Conners is busy studing the small part of the symbiote that he collected. After finding that the symbiote is growing he puts it on ice and freezes it to prevent it from getting to full strength. However he learns enough about its cell structure to form a theory about replacing lost limbs by combining multible organisms. He tests the theory on himself using a lizard, achieving initial success but mutating and becoming THE LIZARD.

    Spider-man must now defeat the Lizard but save Curt Conners while defeating the Scorpion

    Sometime during the movie Spider-man and The Lizard will fight in Conners lab, destroying it and unknowingly releasing the symbiote back in the world. The effects of that being delt with in number 5.

    For Peter Parker the progression of his character is him trying to save Curt Conners, with the guilt of being unable to save Harry and his death, as well as defeating The Scorpion who is the first villain he has faced that makes him think how far he might have to go to in order to save the city. Saving one at any cost while defeating the other at any cost. And what those costs could be. Mary Jane of course would be his life support, who he turns to with his guilt and fears.

    Spider-man 5

    **movie begins in the past 5 or so years**

    Quentin Beck is a genius scientist working for the Kingpin on new technology involving holograms. He has no knowledge of the Kingpin's true power and goals. When Beck learns of the Kingpins underworld he takes his notes and leaves New York and dissapears.

    **present day right after #4 Conners is safe (although not nessesarly cured) and the Scorpion is in jail, his suit broken and removed from him**

    Quentin Beck has spent the past 5 years under a assumed name in Hollywood. He has made a name for himself in the field of special effects and stunts and is a master at his craft.

    In New York filming a movie Beck witnesses the impossible, a man (Dmitri Smerdyakov) robbing a bank and seemingly transforms into a police officer using the disguise as an escape. Beck researches and finds out that the Kingpin pieced together his notes and is using his ideas and technology to finiance his underworld by robbing banks and commiting crimes. The Kingpin turned Dmitri Smerdyakov, The Kingpin's #2 man, into the Chamelion and uses Becks holographic technology.

    Beck wants revenge and to expose the Kingpin so he uses his special effects knowledge and his improved holographics to become Mysterio and bring down the Kingpin.

    Spider-man will be caught up in the middle of course. But how can he deny Mysterio when he himself is a masked crimefighter. And how can he stop the Chamelion, a master spy who learns of Spider-mans past and uses his powers to torment Peter Parker?

    While all this is going on the symbiote released in number 4 is on the loose (although spider-man is not aware). Jumping from host to host, gaining power and killing whenever he jumps bodies. Eventually he jumps into a prison guard on his way home from work and learns of Mac Gargan. #5 ends with Mac's prison cell opening and the guard walking in.

    **I will expand as I think of more**

    **Yes I know using the Kingpin would cause legal trouble. However any Spider-man mob boss type villain (or a brand new character) would work.**

    I would REALLY love feedback and comments on my plots
    this guy has some great ideas, hes not a real fan tho, some of his ideas dont fit in with the history of Spiderman.


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    way to not put that in a hide box

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    I find Spiderman movies to be quite boring.

    Just isn't my kind of flic.

    The FST group

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    I have yet to watch the first two, and I have no desire to do such.

    Just not into Spiderman.

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    I just seen Spider-man 3 in the theaters and it was well worth it. I was a great movre, but really I don't think they should do anymore because they're just not going to be able to top #3...
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    thats correct. spiderman 3 was good, prob better than the first two. good plot for part 4 and 5, but it just seems long of a trilogy.

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    i love spider man movies

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    Bit Old news. If you know the comics you know it isn't over yet for a long time!

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    Spiderman 3 is way too much "schmalz" ... hopefully the next one is better.

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    thank you

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