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Thread: Guitar Video Lessons - mega collection

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    Guitar Video Lessons - mega collection


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    and now i know playing guitar hero II won't help me none.

    what do you guys think of this for $49.99 w/ free shipping and no tax?

    This perfect student electric guitar package from Baja, contains everything you need to get started! Each guitar kit includes a full size, 3 single-coil pickup electric guitar w/ gig bag, 6-watt guitar amplifier w/ 6” speaker, cable, strap, guitar picks, and pitch pipe for tuning. Also includes DVD with 3 lessons to get you rockin’!
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    Yeah for the price range, you can do fine learning on that guitar. You may feel that the amp doesn't sound too good, but that shouldn't be your main focus anyway.

    If you are learning, you will want to buy a guitar tuner that you can plug into your guitar with the guitar cable.

    That will help you make sure you are in tune.

    Also, if you don't like the feel of the picks (since they will be super cheap) you may want to stop by your local guitar shop and buy $1.00 worth of picks (around 7-8 it will buy depending on where you shop).
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