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    I never trusted that Bonzi Buttmunch monkey.... I KNEW IT!
    All the time people let him in their computers he was sending info to the Russians!
    *sound of sirens, dr. Steve Stevens telling the orderly to get the tranq darts...*

    But seriously, yeah, there are loads of spyware out there.
    And like the title says, don't trust anything without checking it out.
    I remember getting a program that was supposed to battle spyware on a friend's computer (because ad-aware wouldn't run on his piece-of-sh*t system), it simply deleted spyware to replace it with it's own preferred garbage.
    When I found out, I went back to that website to complain about it, but somehow curiosity got the best of me so I whoissed the website... turned out it traced back to the same ip as another website known for it's spyware.
    The moral of the story?
    Never piss off dr. Steve Stevens LOL

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    Also download Ad-Aware 6 and I recommend You to download "Supertrick" the HOSTS file found at


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    That's why you get Spybot or Ad-aware 6 or Spyware Blaster. The all work very well in detecting and destroying spyware.

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    If you run Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D regularly you'll eliminate most spyware but don't forget to keep them up to date.

    Having S&D's IE immunization switched on is also well handy - prevents a lot of annoying popups...

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    i shit on spyware

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    What was Bonzi Buddy for anyway? As a cover-up for spy-ware.

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    Hi ultimatejester....That's some funny shit man!! you gotta tell me how you do that!

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