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Thread: Where Do You Watch Your Movies?

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    I like to see special effects and horror movies in Theatres!!
    Comedy movies to be seen with friends in my room in PC!
    Porn, of course all alone in my PC

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    i watch in both theatres and at home wiv groups of ppl

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    it depends on the movie i seen x2 matrix t3 hulk in theatre and on the pc but the rest such as dumb and dumberer bruce almighty and some of the many few on the pc

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    I'm splint on this one to. I love going to the theater and watching a good movie. The atmosphere and all the surroundings are great, its also nice to sit and watch a movie when the theater is full and everyone is into and enjoying the show. Ahhh but the comforts of home are hard to beat, I also love watching movies at home in my pajama's and slippers. For me it has to do with what kind of show it is. If its a big action or war movie I'm more likely to go to the theater.

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    I go to the theatre as much as I used to. It has to be a quality movie. I also burn the movies as data to CD and watch them on my laptop at work (no DVD). The MPAA wouldn't worry about my dollars. Movies that I watch on the laptop are ones I would never go to the movies and see anyway. The same goes for music. Most albums only have 1 at the most 3 good songs which doesn't warrant a purchase.
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