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Thread: MySpace in Talks to Acquire Photobucket for $250M USD

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    I'm pretty sure we have some MySpacers here and I know for certain that there are Photobucket (PB) users. Hell, I even used it for this pic -->

    Anyhow, just in the makings: MySpace has announced this week its plans to conquer the popular (and free) image hosting site, Photobucket. According to some sources the deal reaches as high as $250 million USD. The funny part is that the relationship between MySpace and Photobucket has hit some jagged edges lately where MySpace banned its users from linking to PB hosted images. Of course, the two kissed and made up once again allowing users to place PB's image links.

    Still today, Photobucket already cooperates with other social networking sites such as Bebo, Blogger, Friendster and Xanga and even eBay. DailyTech, however, raises the question as to whether or not the other competitive social networks like Facebook are in danger of losing PB's image support.

    Source: DailyTech
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    IMO ImageShack is better because they thumbnail your images instead of resizing them with no option to display the original image.
    I don't know about PBs policy on bandwidth usage, but re-hosting an image on IS is also an option.
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