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Thread: Help for Noobie

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    I thought I'd cut my teeth with the free stuff before subscribing to paid software and servers - I thought I'd might not understand. Well I understand some of it and would like some guidance in plain easy speaking, please.
    I am using my own ISP's newsnet server (Virginmedia) with Altbinz and Merlins Portal.
    The only success I've had so far is with mp3 and FLAC music. I have tried a number of PS2 games and had no success with any of them in fact I never see any traffic on Altbinz when it appears to be D/L log always shows Code 430.
    I won't guess the reasons, I hope you can explain.

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    What does "no success" with PS2 games mean?

    The FST group

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    Right now I think the reason I had no success was the retention time of my ISP. I have now successfully DL one that only arrived today. So far so good. The only problem is how do I obtain an ISO file to burn from a list of 30 RAR and PAR2 files that I now have in my Folder.
    Should the altbinz have compiled the ISO file or do I have to unpack them to make the ISO?
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    Par are check files. Use a program call quickpar to check the files you have just downloaded. If there is any errors, and you have enough par files you can fix the download. It equals out to one par to replace one rar.

    The RAR file set you have will extract with Winrar.
    Then you will have an ISO, or whatever format the download is in.

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    Did as you said and installed PAR which in turn did its job and repaired the PAR2 files?. Afterwards I decompressed with WINRAR all the Winrar archives. I have now a few directories for the PS2 game of which none of the files is an ISO which the DL specified it would be. I have a number of BIN, DAT and PRX files amongst others and the largest file is a PSP.
    Where could I have gone wrong, please?
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    Right, getting there. Found out that Winrar was tick checked ISO and when I unticked it and DL again I only got ISO and a dozen PAR2 files.
    Therefor my question is it all OK by virtue of the fact that the ISO file exists, have the RAR2's been repaired because there is no RAR files in directory or are they still to be repaired and the ISO alters.
    If they need repairing how do I get the missing blocks. Please guys be patient with me, I'm an old fart - I think I've done well so far.

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    You post is hard to understand...
    If you have the ISO then there is no longer a need for the PAR or RAR files. You can delete them if you wish.

    Now simply burn the ISO file with Alcohol 120% or Nero. Then you'll have a copy of whatever is was that you downloaded.

    If it was a PS2 title as mentioned, I hope you release that you'll either need the mod-chip installed in it (your PS2) or Swap Magic before you can play a bootlegged game.


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