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Thread: DUAL WAN IP on same SYSTEM ++

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    Yo! . My First Post(after a looong time ie) ^_^

    Im very new to networkin and just getting started. Please help me out with the followin

    Available items::

    Thought of writing in text, but this would be better i guess :

    -Ive assigned static ip to all, but prefer to be a dhcp directed as new lappys come and go and ive left certain far off systems too ( i hope i get them connected too after boostin the wifi signal soon)

    -The main reason that there are two wans is that one has very high speed, but very low limit. 2.5 gb wont last for even 3 hours under full load right? besides the upload speed is VERY low so i cant use it for hostin my files and remote access to network ( via VPN? >
    Also, the 256/512 provdes a good way to download and upload files regularly ( and are ALWAYS under full load ^_^ ),but since they are used mostly for heavy dl/ul they provide VERY low speeds for browsing and the only way was to limit the bandwith and allocate a specific amount for browsing, but as easily said, no one browses 24/7 and that bandwith is always wasted right?The other way around is to prioritize packages but is it even possible to the ip stack?

    -The 2.5 gb in WAN1 allows efficient web browsing ,but needs to be restricted to actually download large files , also all traffic needs to be routed via UHOST via a proxy/NAT/gateway so that details of what is being done is noted( just to make the usual restrictions)


    1) Even though prioritisng packages is beyond scope, can i prioritize application requests? like i need browseres to get more priority or so to download managers and so on

    2) Since all traffic is to be routed via UHOST, it must work on 2 Gateways. Is it possible to force applications to use specific gateways?( not just by routing from this ip go to this ip) on the SAME system ie UHOST?

    3) I tried wingate and it proved to be good in loggin all traffic and also enabled UHOST( to be a NAT host. and all other systems worked well with that nat, but it was only for the connection with is present as gateway in UHOST, how to use two gateways simultanesly in the same system?

    4)How to provide load balancing and fail safe WITHOUT a special DUAL wan router? im sure it should be possible in software itself, but was not able to find any at all

    5)At last chance i foung psense, which just might suit the needs , but it works on BSD( very very new to it), but where to run it? am thinkin of runnin a virtual machine in UHOST and use psense but is there any alternitives , also psense doesnt know to prioritize packages ?windows based balancers would be of g8 help. is there any other way?

    6)i want to use WAN1 for browsing, when it fails , use WAN2 for browsing but prioritize browsing, if too fails, completly stop downloading and get a dial up link establied

    7) since BT is already prevailing and uses the same interface in PAN will the same apply to BT networks too?

    Please help me out.Id be glad to hear ur comments too. ^ ^




    Please tell me if this is not allowed, i just thought it would be better if the topic is shared within various forums too so that a better interpretation can be made. The purpose is to learn and find solutions right? ^_^

    Suggestions got till now:
    < ive posted the same here too>

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