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Thread: Jolt2 attack

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    hoping someone can help me on this one.
    My pc has Sygate personal firewall installed, and its worked fine for most of the time. I have winXP with SP2 installed.

    Over the last week, I keep getting an alert stating a 'jolt2 attack', and then my internet drops. Usually takes a few mins b4 i regain my connection. Other pcs on my network dont suffer from this problem, even though they have sygate installed on them, which makes me more confused.

    I uninstalled sygate and tried with another few firewalls, and the message or internet hanging never happened.

    Is this a common problem with sygate? Its only started this last week, everything was fine b4 that.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Most of the time, a jolt2 attack is common. It is used by port scanners to find open ports to attack. It seems like your firewall detects it, but cannot seem to stop it, as jolt2 is a denial of service attempt. Some details are:

    The Jolt2 attack is designed to slow down your system by sending a flood of invalid traffic at it. While the system doesn't crash, this attacks causes the CPU utilitization to peg at 100%. The system will be unusable until the Jolt2 attack stops (which includes disconnecting your network cable).

    So I assume Sygate is protecting itself by disconnecting from the internet. You may want to disinfect/clean up your hard drive. I can help you if you post a HijackThis log.


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