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Thread: where to find meditation, native american, hindu or other spiritual/self-help music

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    My wife is looking for music/self-help CD's for meditation and also other spiritual music such as native american, shamanic, new age, hindu or other spiritual music.

    Any ideas of sites to look for this type of stuff? I'd love any suggestions

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    Boy you guys a strange pair... You and your foreign language rap and her meditation music. LOL Try OInk, KG, or any of the the other music trackers.
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    If its something about self-help music, maybe it's on bitme
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    i have a simple solution .. check this website .. turn up the volume and listen .. lol .. i love that theme music .. !

    edit : dont forget to close the small pop-up window !
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    reagarding meditation music...u can get it from downloaded it way before


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