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Thread: Download Full Albums Here

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    I think if it is for edutcational use!!! it should be allowed -
    anyway I think furthermore if someone find good music
    by sharing and he found it good, he would buy it.

    I also wanted to mention that it is worth to support
    artists offering good music so they can probably make better
    music next time also if 20Euro for a CD is not a million

    by the way: SPAM and other advirtisements are
    really bad. my mailbox suffered a long time from it
    until I installed a special filter

    thanks anyway, david.

    for a better world, for a better usnterstanding.
    share your thoughts, share life.

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    dont bring back topics like this...especially ones that are posted in the wrong section and arent allowed...its been dead for almost a month btw...


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