The total domination of games for Nintendo formats during Japan’s “Golden Week” series of public holidays has reached ever higher levels, with the top 21 best selling games all being for either the DS or the Wii and all but six of those published by Nintendo themselves.

The week, in the second report following the last "Golden Week"-delayed charts, saw strong sales across the board, although with unit sales distributed far more evenly than during a typical seven day period. As a result, top selling game Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on DS sold only 109,000 units, but even the second of the two DS Brain Training (aka Brain Age) games at number ten sold over 44,000 units.

With the holiday period functioning somewhat like the Christmas period in the West, there were no new entries in the top thirty – although a number of family friendly titles did reappear in the top ten, with Yoshi’s Island DS at number four with 58,948 units sold. New Super Mario Bros. on DS re-emerged at number eight with 51,681 units sold, with the second Brain Training game at number ten.

The highest ranked non-Nintendo format game was Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd for the PSP at number twenty-two. The highest ranked PlayStation 2 title was Konami’s Pro Baseball Spirits 4 at number twenty-six. There were no PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 titles in the top thirty.